Security Guard

The search for reliable and skilled security guards can be very tiring. And this is if you need a security service company, you can hold accountable for the safety of your interests.

SNOG is one company that can meet your specific needs for security guards while ensuring your maximum satisfaction and protection. Renowned as one of Australia’s top trusted security agencies, we boast of a wide range of service offers you can choose for in your quest for quality security guards.

SNOG offers round-the-clock security guard availability. Our services include Personal Security, Corporate-Commercial Security, Public Place Security and Event Safety Services.


Why Should You Get a Security Guard At SNOG?

Crime Is Real

The reality of increased criminal activities requires prompt and expert handling. At SNOG, we provide just that, tailored to your specific circumstances.

We Prioritise Your Peace of Mind

While you run your day to day business, let it be our own business to ensure you are undisturbed throughout.

Prevention Is Preferable to Cure

Our security guards at SNOGC are not just skilled at handling crime; they also ensure it doesn’t happen at all. They are always on the lookout for suspicious activity, and the presence of security guards can be instrumental in discouraging violent acts.

Security Guard Services

Our service offering under this category cut across the following areas:


As part of our security service, we offer bodyguards up for hire. Protecting yourself, your families or friends couldn’t be any easier. Our bodyguards are friendly, fierce, and above all, skilled to keep you safe and secure all through the period of their engagement.

Company Security Guards

If you own a bank, a factory or any other enterprise, our corporate-commercial security service has got you covered. We provide company security guards in uniforms or suits to keep your business interests secured.

Specially trained to detect the slightest form of criminal propensity, our company security guards can effectively protect your organisation from theft or disturbances. Take a security-conscious step by contacting our team today.

Party Security Guards

Exclusive to our event safety service, we provide competent security guards for your indoor and outdoor celebrations. Our security guards can ensure maximum protection for your guests.

SNOG can discourage criminal and unruly activities at your event without spoiling the mood. Contact us concerning your upcoming event now.

Construction Site Guards

In line with Australia’s Occupational health and safety requirements, we can make available security guards for your construction sites. Our reliable guards can assure that your workers, equipment and work materials remain safe.

Vandalism and worker harassment are not risks worth taking. Protect the interest of your worksite by reaching out to our team today.

Patrol Security Guards

SNOG can provide security guards to high crime risk areas.  Our patrol security guards offer a trusted safety to streets, sites, estates or public spaces.

We can assure you of 24/7 protection against burglary, armed robbery, assaults, vandalism and organised crime on the patrol area. “Safety first” begins with you contacting us for your patrol security.

School Security Guards

We also provide security guards for educational institutions of all levels. Stationed every day of the week, we can ensure that the learning process for schools is hitch-free.

Let us bear the safety concerns of your students. Reach out to us today for your school security guards.

Hotel Security Guards

Asides comfort, security ranks next in customer’s choice of hotels. Our top-notch hotel security guards can keep your customers secure while you attend to their hospitality needs.

Let’s help you build the safe hospitality service of your dreams. We are just a contact away.

Security Guards for Concerts and Rallies

Are you inviting a top artiste to perform at a concert or you are preparing for a well-attended rally? We exist to make sure your crowd is excited and secure at the same time. Contact SNOG for large events security guards, and you can expect efficient delivery.

Shopping Mall and Warehouse Security

You can eliminate the risk of theft at your warehouse or shopping mall with our security guards. Our well-trained guards work round the clock to secure your goods, building, equipment and workers. Contact our team today, and stay safe always.

Sports Centres Security Guards

In need of security for any sporting event? We’ve got your field covered. Minimise the risk of pitch invaders, petty thieves and supporter violence by employing our high-class security service. Contact our team to get started for your secure sporting event.

Our extensive range of service means we have a skilled workforce for each special occasion.

In case you’re looking to install or upgrade your security network, our team at SNOG is available for all types of security issues. You can contact us through any of the means below for enquiries and consultation.