Mobile Patrol and Alarm Security

As useful as a CCTV camera can be, it may never afford real-time protection from intrusion and security breaches. Sometimes, cameras may only serve as mere evidence of the commission of a crime. And we don’t think you should put yourself at such a high risk.

At SNOG, we fully understand the limitations of security systems and provide the best alternatives and complements to them. To achieve this, we offer sound and high-quality mobile patrol and security alarm services.

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Mobile Patrol Services

Our mobile patrol services at SNOG ensure the presence of security personnel at proximity to the area where security is in need. These patrol security systems inspect designated areas and beyond to track suspicious activities. They are also trained to initiate security alerts in the occurrence of real danger.

Depending on your needs, our mobile patrol is available to monitor your area periodically or at random intervals. Our response rate is also swift and efficient, easily making us one of Australia’s most trusted security agencies.

Why get a Mobile Patrol at SNOG?

Comprehensive Security

Human patrols, unlike devices, are unlimited in the scope of the danger they can detect. They also do not use algorithms which means that they can differentiate real and perceived threat from the activities of nature and non-living things.

Adequate Safety and Health Training

Our specially trained mobile patrol officers at SNOG are skilled in first-hand response to emergencies and the administration of first aid to victims.


The services of Mobile patrols are less expensive to employ compared to close alternatives.  Particularly at SNOG, we value customer satisfaction, and we are committed to making it available at considerable rates.


Mobile patrols are always on hand to discourage criminal elements from your environment and prevent crime at its earliest signal.

What Does Our Mobile Patrol Do?

What Does Our Mobile Patrol Do?

Our patrol services are available to scan your area at agreed periods. Specifically, patrols are available to monitor all round the clock or at specific weekly intervals.

Restriction, Notification and Prevention

While patrolling, our service makes room for the prevention of criminal activities, the interception of suspicious activity and the restriction of intruders. To ensure your maximum safety, we have top standard systems of notifying you if anything goes wrong.

SNOG Security Alarm Service

Our patrol services are skilled as first responders to crime and other emergencies. Is there a burglary or a fire accident? We have a qualified mobile patrol on top of it all.

Features of SNOG Mobile Patrol Service

  • High speed, durable and fuel-efficient patrol vehicles
  • Hundreds of licensed staff working routinely
  • Latest surveillance and communication gadgets
  • First aid equipment
  • Licensed low-risk weapons

Let us relieve your security worries. Engage our patrol services and get secured value for your money. Contact us today.

First Aid

Security alarms have proven to be very effective against burglary, arson and fire accidents. At SNOG, your top security service provider, we have an array of security alarm systems for different types of spaces. As such, your home, office, open space, warehouses and event centres can be safe from crime and emergency with our line of security alarm systems.

What Security Alarm Services Do We Offer?

Sale and Supply

SNOG runs a wholesale store for the sale and delivery of a wide range of security alarm equipment.

Site Inspection and Installation

We check up on your site to determine what alarm system is best equipped for installation there.

Alarm Response

We boast of alarm equipment with an automated notification system that reports security breaches and emergencies directly to us. With this, we are always ready to respond to you immediately.

Why Get a Security Alarm At SNOG?

Unrivalled Quality

We conduct a regular upgrade to our alarm systems to ensure they measure up to quality and standard procedures. Our security alarms at SNOG are high grade, cost-effective and durable.

Site Inspection Benefits

With a team of security and technology experts, we not only install alarm equipment, but we also inspect your site beforehand and offer professional advice on which security alarm system fits your location.

Automated Alarm Systems

We have eliminated the manual processes from alarm system operations, helping you operate it without possessing any technical skills

SNOG Security Alarm Service

We have an extensive gallery of equipment for different uses. Here’s our list of high-quality products to choose from:

  • Compact surveillance radar
  • Driveway alarm
  • Electrostatic field sensor
  • Fibre optic cables
  • Hermetically sealed reed switches
  • Infrasound detection system
  • Microphonic systems
  • Microwave barriers
  • Microwave detectors
  • Motion sensor
  • Passive infrared Motion detector
  • Passive magnetic field detection
  • Photoelectric beams
  • Ported coaxial cable
  • Security electric fence sensor
  • Seismic Glass break detectors
  • Shaker sensor
  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Taut wire sensors
  • Ultrasonic detector

In case you’re looking to install or upgrade your security network, our team at SNOG is available for all types of security issues. You can contact us through any of the means below for enquiries and consultation.