Home Security

To most of us, our homes are not just our property. Instead, it represents a place where we have made life-changing decisions and created memories. Even more, it is solace to us, and we tend to return there when things get rough out there. And this why its security is paramount.

As much as they are unwanted, you cannot deny the fact that intruders and security breaches are possibilities. At SNOG, we understand the vital role that security plays in making home feel like home. As such, we offer a comprehensive and holistic system for the security needs of your home. Our designs are custom-made. As such, we create them taking into consideration your home’s security needs.

Our security systems consider the following areas to provide the best security.

  • The perimeter of your home
  • Your home’s exterior
  • Your home’s interior

We take all this into account in our supply and installation. This way, we ensure no stone is left untouched in providing your home with the best security possible.


Home Security Services

At SNOG, we provide both wired and wireless systems for your security needs. We also ensure that our system operates with a battery. This way, electrical wiring doesn’t limit your security. So, as soon as intruders try to short circuit your system, they will be in for a shock to see the batteries set in.

Our service offering under this category cut across the following areas:

Alarm Systems

Security alarms have proven to be very effective against burglary, arson and fire accidents. At SNOG, your top security service provider, we have an array of security alarm systems that fits into your home and ensure that you can be safe from crime and emergency.

CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV allows you to monitor your homes and detect and prevent crimes. And this is the case whether you are in your home or far away from it. As such, we offer closed-circuit television for your security needs. Our designs are custom-made. As such, we create them taking into consideration your security needs.


We understand the need to identify incoming individuals without putting yourself directly in harm’s way. That’s why our security solution for your home comes with an intercom system. This allows you to identify incomings from the safety and comfort of your rooms.

Our intercom comes with state-of-the-art technological capabilities. As such, they are not only audio; they also support video capabilities. We also allow you to connect them directly to your mobiles. This way, when you are miles away from your home, you can still get notified of incomings and address them.

Access Control Systems

Our security solutions are smart. We apply the use of technology efficiently to eradicate the orthodox challenges that are associated with conventional systems. You can access our systems remotely regardless of your location and still enjoy optimal functionality.

Why Choose SNOG for your Home Security Needs?

Are you wondering why we are the best bet for your home security needs? Well, it is quite simple. Our service delivery when it comes to security is miles ahead of the rest. We not only specialise in security systems that aid crime-solving, but we also gear our system towards crime detection and prevention.

Our competitive edge includes:


Expert Team

Our home security systems represent a combination of systems by an expert team with considerable experience in security systems. We do not joke when it comes to your security. As such, we ensure that only those with the appropriate technical know-how handle your needs.

High Quality

We understand that a technological device or application is only as good as its quality. As such, we ensure that our home security systems are of the best quality. We provide only security systems that match up to industry-leading practices. Our offerings are a product of a state-of-the-art production process.

Custom Solutions

Home conditions vary. From the size of the home to the environment to its construction design, various factors must be taken into consideration to get the best security system.

At SNOG, we recognise the reality that home security does not excel based on a one-size-fits-all approach. You need one that takes into account the complexities of your home. Well, that is what we provide.

We ensure our home security system comes in a design and gets installed in a manner that supports your optimal security.

In case you’re looking to install or upgrade a home security system, our team at SNOG is available to attend to all your security needs. You can contact us through any of the means below for enquiries and consultation.