Business Security

Today, a business is only as productive and profitable as its level of security. Once there are reports of constant breaches, clients will most likely move their business. Even more, it might be quite hard to secure new clients. After all, who wants to hear that the delay in service delivery is due to a robbery.

At SNOG, we understand the vital role that security plays in ensuring that your business can remain productive and profitable. As such, we offer a comprehensive and useful list of security solutions that ensures your business is safe. We are committed to ensuring that employees can also feel safe and record a higher level of productivity for the benefit of the company.


Business Security Services

Having a reputation as one of the most reliable security agencies in the Gold Coast, we offer a variety of security services that your business needs to thrive and grow. Our service offering under this category cut across the following areas:


Security Training for Your Staff

Employees are a potential cause of security breach for every company. This becomes even worse if they don’t know what to do in cases of possible security breaches.

At SNOG, we understand this limitation. As such, we provide short courses to employees that provides them with security tips. This way, they know what to do and how to do it in cases of likely security breach.

Security Audits

It can be quite hard to know what you need without knowing what you have. This is the case when it comes to security systems. Especially for large businesses, it is necessary to understand your current security situation to ensure you can identify areas for improvement.

At SNOG, we understand this need. As such, we offer expert seasonal security audits. This way, you can know what needs improvements. Our service is wholistic. As such, we provide recommendations upon a full assessment of the situation.

Alarm Systems

Security alarms have proven to be very effective against burglary, arson and fire accidents. At SNOG, your top security service provider, we have an array of security alarm systems that fit into your business premises and ensure that you can be safe from crime and emergency.

CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV allows you to monitor your business premises and detect and prevent crimes. And this is the case whether during office hours or after. As such, we offer closed-circuit television for your security needs. Our designs are custom-made. As such, we create them taking into consideration your security needs.

Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrol services at SNOG ensure the presence of security personnel at proximity to your business premises. These patrol security systems inspect designated areas and beyond to track suspicious activities. They are also trained to initiate security alerts in the occurrence of real danger.

Security Guards

If you own a bank, a factory or any other enterprise, our corporate-commercial security service has got you covered. We provide company security guards in uniforms or suits to keep your business interests secured. Our guards can effectively protect your business from theft or disturbances.

Why Choose SNOG for your Home Security Needs?

Are you wondering why we are the best bet for your home security needs? Well, it is quite simple. Our service delivery when it comes to security is miles ahead of the rest. We not only specialise in security systems that aid crime-solving, but we also gear our system towards crime detection and prevention.

Our competitive edge includes:


Expert Team

Our home security systems represent a combination of systems by an expert team with considerable experience in security systems. We do not joke when it comes to your security. As such, we ensure that only those with the appropriate technical know-how handle your needs.

High Quality

We understand that a technological device or application is only as good as its quality. As such, we ensure that our home security systems are of the best quality. We provide only security systems that match up to industry-leading practices. Our offerings are a product of a state-of-the-art production process.

24/7 Support

At SNOG, we recognise the reality that threats don’t end during office hours. Our considerable experience shows that security breaches get more prominent after office hours. As such, we provide 24/7 support and monitoring.

This way, your security systems remain on track to record, detect, and prevent breaches whenever they might want to occur.

In case you’re looking to install or upgrade a business security system, our team at SNOG is available to attend to all your security needs. You can contact us through any of the means below for enquiries and consultation.