Welcome to SNOG

We are a foremost provider of Security Systems in the GoldCoast.

SNOG is a leading organiser of security network in the Gold Coast. We offer a variety of security systems that are relevant to various purposes. Our goal is to ensure that you get the best possible security system for your business or home at a cost-effective price.

We are one of Australia’s top trusted security agencies thanks to the standard we have set. We are committed to continually innovating so we can outperform our security provision each day.

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Our services

We provide a wide range of systems to a wide range of groups interested in installing
or upgrading an existing security network. Our security offerings cut across the
following areas:

Home Security Services

At SNOG, we understand the vital role that security plays in making home feel like home. As such, we offer a comprehensive and holistic system for the security needs of your home. We provide both wired and wireless networks for your security needs. Our service offering under this category includes Alarm Systems, CCTV Camera Systems, Access Control Systems, and Intercoms.


We provide industry-leading CCTV Camera Systems that allows you to monitor your homes and detect and prevent crimes whether you are in your home or far away from it. We service both commercial and residential areas to ensure that security is no longer a myth but the reality.

At SNOG, we don’t just supply a CCTV Camera System and leave you hanging. We pride ourselves in providing a complete solution to your security needs.

Business Security

At SNOG, we understand the vital role that security plays in ensuring that your business can remain productive and profitable. As such, we offer a comprehensive and useful list of security solutions that ensures your business is safe. Our service offerings here include security audit and security training for your staff.

Security Guard

We boast of a wide range of service offers you can choose for in your quest for quality security guards. We understand that crime is real, and the only way to prioritise your peace of mind is to prevent security breaches. As such, we offer round-the-clock security guards.

Our services include Personal Security, Corporate-Commercial Security, and Public Place Security.

Mobile Petrol & Alarm

We provide mobile patrol services at SNOG to ensure the presence of security personnel at proximity to the area where security is in need. Also, we offer an array of security alarm systems for different types of spaces. As such, your home, office, open space, warehouses and event centres can be safe from crime and emergency.

Why Choose Us?

At SNOG, our service delivery when it comes to security is miles ahead of the rest. We not only specialise in security systems that aid crime-solving, but we also gear our system towards crime detection and prevention.

Our competitive edge includes:

Expert Team

Our security systems represent a combination of research and technology by an expert team with considerable experience in security systems. We know our system is only as effective as the effort we put into it. As such, we ensure that only those with the appropriate technical know-how handle your needs.

High Quality

We understand that a technological device or application is only as good as its quality. As such, we ensure that our security systems are of the best quality. We provide only security systems that match up to industry-leading practices. Our offerings are a product of a state-of-the-art production process.


SNOG is a reputable company that can meet your security needs guaranteeing your safety and protection at a cost that will be within your budget. We aim to ensure you maintain your financial stability and security as you seek to secure your home and business.

Smart Solutions

Our security solutions are smart. We apply the use of technology efficiently to eradicate the orthodox challenges that are associated with conventional systems. You can access our systems remotely regardless of your location and still enjoy optimal functionality.

About Us

SNOG is a private company licensed and recognised to organise security network for businesses and homes. We are a team of expert with considerable experience servicing big and small-scale companies in the Gold Coast.

At SNOG, we offer security services based on various core values. They include:

  • Value-driven
  • Efficiency
  • Continuous support
  • Comfort and Convenience
  • Custom solutions


We are located on the Gold Coast.

In case you’re looking to install or upgrade your security network, our team at SNOG is available for all types of security issues. You can contact us through any of the means below for enquiries and consultation.